Roll-A-Cover, and their European Distributor ZoomRoom, put on a show in Vienna

In case you missed the show, here are some photos from our International Event in Vienna, where our representatives Carmen Gort, and Drago Pahor adorned the ZoomRoom booth with a Roll-A-Cover.

Roll-A-Cover enters the night club industry 

Roll-A-Cover, Intl has been award the prestigious honor of designing and manufacturing Manhattan’s long awaited 5000 square foot retractable nightclub project that will be within the cities highly regarded, “meat packing district”. This multi-tier ground level enclosure will have a large retractable skylight with several retractable enclosure styles on all perimeters of this space. The project, owned by the Nightclub Zar, Michael Satsky will be recognized as a Manhattan “hot spot” which will be located at the base of the award winning Gansevoort Hotel. The hotel already houses one of Roll-A-Cover’s retractable sunrooms on their roof top lounge space. “ our intentions are to bring Roll-A-Cover innovative and exciting indoor/outdoor environment to a social level that the industry has been unaccustomed to. We will preserve the quality of sound and Manhattan style that the city demands with a flavor of being outdoors when the weather is fine”, says Mr. Satsky. “ Roll-A-Cover esteem quality and innovative product designs will allow our nightclub model to become a showcase in the industry”. Opening in the fall of 2009.


Backyard Living 2008-2009 program shows,

“the sign of the times”


Many economic and marketing trends have been established since the 2008-9 recession has developed, whether its companies limiting their expenditures on marketing and promotion due to their sales being weak in a non-buyers marketplace or companies simply closing their doors due to weak or no sales, many others are pulling together to co-exist and win the war on the recession.. “It’s called being recession proof”, say Kirk Sullivan, president of San Juan Pool out of Lakeland, Florida. “ We have been effected as most companies have but with our high standards of quality products and North American dealership support our clients can rest assured that we are here to stay. With co-marketing under the Back Yard living program that Roll-A-Cover developed, our goal is not only to market our products to the end user ourselves but to co-exist as a family of ancillary products with other industry leaders with a co-marketing program that will be our foothold during these unstable times”

  Suntrek Solar Affiliation

Suntrek Solar has joined forces with Roll-A-Cover, Intl. with “swim green” 2009 program Suntrek Solar, headquartered in Irvine, California  a industry leader in the design and manufacturing of Solar panel systems, whether for electrical conservation or for water heating for swimming pools has joined forces with Roll-A-Cover, Intl. the multi-award winning sunroom manufacturer which is located in Connecticut in the development and marketing of the newest new age swimming pool enclosure products for the commercial and large residential pool buyers. Swimming within a enclosure has always become a must for most municipalities, schools and large residential consumer markets but having a retractable swimming pool enclosure is now the age of the times. “Imagine having the ability to not only swim outdoors or indoors when you feel that the weather is in or not in your favor, but having the ability to heat your swimming pool with solar will be the sign of the times with our “Going green” consumer demands. Efficiency and less consumption of our man made resources with “free heat” will be the catalyst of the “swim green” program that these two pioneer companies have in store for the global swimming pool marketplace.


The 2009 “Swim Green” program has been introduced

Roll-A-Cover, Intl, the leader in the manufacturing and development of multi-enclosure products has developed their “swim green” enclosure for commercial and large residential applications. The “solar room” has been introduced to the marketplace in the spring of 2009 with tremendous responses. “our intention is to educate the consumers with larger than 2000 square foot enclosure applications the benefits of our “swim green” products and offerings. The solar benefits of our combined solar roof system coupled with our retractable concept will undoubtedly set the swimming pool industry on fire. “Imagine a pre-manufactured enclosure that not only offers year round comfort in most areas whether indoors or outdoors with the retractable concept, but to heat the pool water by “Free” sunlight gives the industry the return on investment that they have been starving for”, says Dena Morris, Vice President of Development.

Window and Door logoThe International Fenestration Associate with the Window and Door Industry association has awarded Roll-A-Cover, Intl with one of the highest industry honors which is, “Most innovative window” which was given under the small manufacturer category. Marvin Windows, which earned the large manufacturer of this category has been recognized at the same creative and innovative level as Roll-A-Cover, Intl. “This honor”, Michael Morris states, “ Not only adds to our other 13 North American Awards portfolio which includes the most prestigious, Forbes Magazine Award for quality and a high level of industry standard, but exemplifies the creative and quality driven company that our entire team has developed mostly in such a competitive marketplace.” “Changing the way the consumer views a traditional full glass enclosure which has been known as a “glass bubble” to most has been the gre4atest task but as we set out into the marketplace more and more products the consumer is getting more educated to the benefits that our product provide over any other enclosure products to date”, say Dena Morris, VP of Development.  The article may be viewed below:

  Roll-A-Cover International's Europe/Asia Division Welcomes Two New Team Members!

Carmen Gort, and Drago Pahor have joined the Roll-A-Cover team!

Click here for more information, and to visit our International Page.

Also visit ZoomRoom for our European Distributor/Partner Site:

  Coconuts Night Club Has Coming Soon Roll-A-Cover Featured on Billboard
  Bayview Restaurant Wins The Second "Room With A View Award" For 2007 

Bob Pisani, owner of Bayview restaurant in Long Island has been chosen as the winner of Roll-A-Cover’s “rooms with a view award" for the second quarter of 2006. All 2006 winners earn a spot light in the year end runner up contest for the Golden Roll award which occurs on New years day every year. Click here to see the other runner ups and also past winners…

  Metro North Hotel In Australia Getting A Roll A Cover 
The Metro North Hotel searched for a company that was able to offer a quality driven product for their outdoor dining area at their 5 star hotel and after months of reviewing options and design features The Metro North Hotel  chose a U.S. based company to that had a product unmatchable in the industry to develop their outdoor patio retractable enclosure space. With the guidance of Brad Writer in Australia, this projects success and competitive edge that the Roll-A-Cover will offer will undoubtedly set this hotel into a class of their own on this prestigious island known as Australia.
  Holiday Inn Express in Fishkill New York Celebrates Their Roll A Cover Installation
    Minich Patel celebrates the finished installation of his Roll A Cover enclosure over his swimming pool.  The enclosure will allow for guests to swim in the pool year round and in the open air or under the protection of the enclosure.His past experiences with the upkeep of having a fixed glass enclosure as a pool space was one of the determining factors committing to Roll-A-Cover’s retractable enclosure concept.   We are happy to add the Holiday Inn Express to our growing list of clients.  Stay tuned for more updates and pictures from this job.

  Fratelli's Of Derby Celebrates The Opening Of Their Outdoor Patio
    Fratelli's Of Derby celebrated the grand opening of their outdoor retractable enclosure.  Guest were flocking to new outdoor space to dine on the fabulous food and enjoy the warm summer air.  Everyone was extremely excited to be dining in such a luxurious and innovative space.  Stay tuned for more updates. 

Fratelli's Restaurant Approved As A Retractable Smoking Area


Retractable enclosures, manufactured by Roll-A-Cover LLC, complies with newly enacted State of CT smoking laws as it pertains to outdoor areas.  This enclosure meets or exceeds regulations when it is in the open position since there is no roof above.  For more information please call 866-393-7292 or visit our website



Bayview Restaurant celebrates their Roll A Cover Grand Opening!!!


Its another Roll-A-Cover celebration..

A pre-memorial day celebration of the grand opening of the Bayville Restaurant Roll-A-Cover enclosure in Howard beach, Long Island was attended by many guests and towns people. Jamie and Rob Pisani, owners of this dock side establishment where presented with the scissors of “best wishes and years of success” by a local newspaper. “Their enclosure space will undoubtedly be considered one of the most relaxing and enjoyable dinning experiences in this area” stated a customer of this restaurant.” We still can’t believe that when the wind was blowing into our food our waitress just rolled the enclosure partially closed to where we were very comfortable eating versus being forced to pick up our food and head inside. Its quite a miracle product”



Mike Morris, President Of Roll A Cover, Speaks at the Build Boston Conference

  Ed Mitchell, Director of Design & Construction for Legal Sea Foods, Michael Morris President of Roll A Cover, Intl and Kirk Sullivan President of San Juan Fiberglass Pools were keynote speakers at the Build Boston Architectural Trade show this April.  Roll A Cover products were endorsed by Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Sullivan as a tremendous alternative to standard outdoor restaurant patios and screened pool enclosures.
  L to R: Ed Mitchell, Michael Morris, Kirk Sullivan  

Roll A Cover & Fratelli's Of Derby Featured On WTNH Nightly News


In a story done by Annie Rourke on WTNH's 10 and 11pm broadcasts Roll A Cover and Fratelli's of Derby were featured as an inventive solution to Connecticut's smoking ban.  The story, airing early in the news cast, showed many interviews with customers and restaurant owners alike who praised Roll A Covers concept as well as the control it gives back to restaurant owners to determine when and where they would like a smoking section in at their restaurant. To view the video click HERE.

Roll A Cover Accepts Forbes Award At Lincoln Center In New York City


As Interviewed By Amy Palmer, Host Of NY 360

Michael Morris & Dennis Martens

This award recognizes outstanding businesses that have demonstrated visionary practices and achievements. The award utilizes various selection criteria, including: products, service innovation, customer relations, community involvement, employee development, support, and marketing or other efforts that lead to a business’s growth.

Forbes Enterprise recognized Roll A Cover International as one of the few "Top Business Leaders" for 2006. Thousands of company’s submitted applications to be considered for this honor and Roll A Cover International came out as an industry leader. Forbes Magazine, renown for their top rated corporate affiliations, has earned this award through professional judging by some of the most successful business and industry leaders. 

The judging committee, chaired by Judith H. Dobrzynski, is the senior editor at the New York Times.  Other highly qualified panelists review all applicants for their Marketing, Customer Service, Employee Relations, Community Service and New product / service offerings.  Michael P. Morris, President and CEO of Roll A Cover International says "This honor has once again solidifies that our approach to producing a quality product, unmatched service and satisfaction to our clients works”, He goes on to add "The wave of excitement generated through several key projects, which have become award winners themselves, has developed Roll A Cover, International into a industry model that many others try to emulate".


Roll A Cover WINS The Forbes Enterprise Award!!!


Roll A Cover is thrilled to announce our selection as a winner of the Forbes Enterprise Award. The Forbes Enterprise Awards honor companies who have "...distinguished themselves and are being recognized for their ideas and innovations in business."  he Judging Committee has been chaired by Judith H. Dobrzynski who has vast experience as a reporter and senior editor at the New York Times and Business Week, Managing Editor at CNBC, and as an adjunct professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Ms Dobrzynski has assembled a highly qualified panel of objective judges.  The televised awards ceremony will be held at the Lincoln Center in New York City of February 5th.

Build Boston 06 Convention has honored Roll A Cover owner Michael Morris to be a keynote speaker at this years event


Michael Morris has been invited to speak at the 22nd annual Build Boston Convention in Boston MA.  The topic will be indoor / outdoor living spaces and will cover the various benefits of using them in construction projects.  Larry Berkowitz the owner of Legal Seafood as well as Kirk Sullivan of San Juan Pools will be guest speakers as well. If you are interested in attending or would like more information click HERE.

Roll A Cover nominated for a Forbes Magazine Enterprise Award


Click To View Forbes Website

Roll A Cover has been nominated as a finalist for the Forbes Enterprise Awards for 2006.  By being selected out of thousands of finalists in a competitive field we have been selected to go to the awards ceremony at the Lincoln Center on 2/7/07.  The Forbes Enterprise Awards honor companies who have "...distinguished themselves and are being recognized for their ideas and innovations in business."  Finalists were selected based on their prowess in the areas of marketing, customer service, employee relations, community service and new product / service offerings.  Check back for updates regarding this story in the future.

Bruno & Bruno, Owners Of Tiffany's Restaurant in New Jersey win the bi-annual
"Restaurant With A View Award"


Tiffany's Restaurant of New Jersey has won the bi annual restaurant with a view award.  This award is give twice a year to a restaurant with a Roll A Cover enclosure that offers the best showcases all of the features and benefits of a Roll A Cover enclosure.  As one of the more aesthetically pleasing Roll A Cover enclosures ever built this enclosure simply must be seen to be believed.  Click the image to the left to view more photos of this award winner.
Blue Dolphin Pools does their first Roll A Cover installation at a Bedford NH Residence
The Blue Dolphin Pools Crew From L to R:
Eric, Rodney, John, Harold Tilson (Owner), Paul and Leo
The team at Blue Dolphin Pools was excited be involved with their first Roll A Cover installation in Bedford NH. Owner Harold Tilson and his crew assembled, with the help of Dave Pate, the pool enclosure with ease. The entire crew was overjoyed to help and amazed at the ease at which the enclosure went together. Anyone in the area of Bedford NH with an interest in having a Roll A Cover enclosure installed can contact Harold at Blue Dolphin Pools with any questions or comments.
Roll-A-Cover Intl travels to Chicago to receive their award for ”Top Residential Specialty Project” by the National Qualified Remodelor Publication and Organization

roll a cover award

Dennis Martens, Vice President of Rollacover, Intl accepted the one of the Top awards recognized by National architect’s and designers through the Qualified Remodeling Institute in Chicago in September 2006. “On behalf of all of us at Roll A Cover Intl. I am extremely excited with the recognition and accomplishments made by our facility and staff at Roll A Cover. Receiving this award allows us to bring this accomplishment to our facility as another of four North American based awards we have received this year alone." said Martens. Being recognized as one of the leading sunroom manufacturers in the industry by so many remodeling organizations has also been a tremendous honor in itself.


Roll-A-Cover was recognized as one of the top 100 products of 2006 by Qualified Remodeler

  Roll-A-Cover has been honored as one of the Top 100 Products of 2006 by Qualified Remodeler magazine.  Being the only patio / sunroom and pool enclosure company in the top 100 was another honor in itself.  At Roll-A-Cover we pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers as well as our superior product.  We would like to take the time to thank those at Qualified Remodeler for recognizing our continued success and thank them for their continued support.

Roll-A-Cover is featured in the newest issue of Coastal Contractors


Click Above To Read The Article

Roll-A-Cover Intl has been featured in another magazine.  This time it was for Coastal Contractor and the article discusses different options homeowners have when choosing a sunroom for a coastal home.  The article is very informative and offers much insight into the sunroom industry.

Roll-A-Cover, Intl wins the bronze award in the residential specialty category of Qualified
Remodelers  2006 Master Design Awards


Roll-A-Cover, Intl was proud to accept the bronze award for residential specialty in Qualified Remodelers 2006 Master Design Awards.  We were given the award for showing excellent quality and craftsmanship in the project as well as for the overall look and feel of the finished product.  The awards will be officially announced after the presentation ceremony and featured in the October issue of Qualified Remodeler.  Stay tuned for more updates. 

Gramercy Park Hotel finds their roof top edge 


Ian Schrager group, world renown developers  have looked to Roll-A-Cover, Intl. as their final touch to the resurrection of the infamous Gramercy park Hotel. The likes of some of the most famous, such as Humphry Bogart have been a significant piece of the generations of history that has made this 17 story wonder a Manhattan icon. Ian Schrager group, which has been recognized as a world class leader in the development and also historical rehabilitation of buildings similar to Gramercy Park are looking to another industry giant, Roll-A-Cover, Intl. to develop the rooftop of this high-rise into a viewing wonder. Roll a covers' uniquely designed retractable enclosure concepts coupled with their in-house custom capabilities will bring the imagination of a roof top wonderland to another high-rise in New York. "One industry benefit that Roll-A-Cover has is that our custom design division is second to none and their in house team of aluminum manufacturing giants will certainly bring the Gramercy Park Hotel to a new generation of use with an old time flair", says Michael J. Lightfoot."who has the capabilities to design internationally recognized award wining projects, manufacture, custom fabricate and install under one roof, only Roll A Cover as we know it".

The Heights Bar & Grill in New York City Wins "The Restaurant With A View Award" For The Month Of June


John F Gehrke, International Development Coordinator for Roll A Cover, Intl (left) awards Feras A Samad (right), Co-Owner of The Heights Bar & Grill with Larry Good (not present) with this months "Restaurant With A View Award".  "New York City offers lights, charm and excitement, The Heights now offers a roof top view of the many wonders that bring millions to this great city” says Mr. Gehrke. “Whether you are visiting New York or enjoy this city on a day to day basis, The Heights food, roof top café’ and restaurant coupled with their staff’s family style personalities make this one of our most pleasured stops on our “Restaurants with a View” tour.


Legal Seafood Brings Roll A Cover to Boston


Legal Seafood’s headquartered in Boston, Mass has commissioned Roll-A-Cover, Intl. to design and manufacture a custom enclosure for their newest addition to their award winning chain of restaurants. Legal Test Kitchen, known as LTK’s will be located on the pier in Boston which will be opening this summer. Their unique blend of food and décor venue will hit the Boston marketplace with an overwhelming excitement. “Our interest in having Roll-A-Cover develop a custom retractable front sitting area for us will be the grandest part of our high tech facility”, says Ed Mitchell, Director of Design and Construction for LTK. “Roll-A-Cover’s unique retractable concept and stellar architectural design supplied Mass. Port, our governing body the confidence that this new appearance to the piers overall developmental plans will be a tremendous enhancement to the redeveloped properties in this area. “Roll-A-Cover’s on-sight corporate support has made this part of the development of this new Legal Seafood’s expansion program a calming part of the whole scheme of this exciting project”.  Says Mr. Mitchell. “New York City has been overwhelmed by our personalized design and fabrication abilities with their roof top and restaurant applications, now Boston may finally realize that Roll-A-Cover could be the company that changes the way people dine and socialize”, says Michael Lightfoot, VP of National development for Roll-A-Cover.


Roll A Cover, Intl joins San Juan fiberglass pools of Lakeland, FL in the grand opening celebration of their Canadian Showroom



Mr. Kirk Sullivan , president of San Juan Fiberglass pools of Lakeland Florida has opened their newest location in Ontario, Canada with a tremendous welcome. During their grand opening celebration in May 2006 of their newest class A sales and distribution center for San Juan and Roll-A-Cover, Intl., the highlights of their exciting debut was the ribbon cutting. This facility houses several exciting products which include 2 full size Roll-A-Cover enclosures, a lindall cedar home and several Hot Tubs. Roll-A-Cover was asked to join the marketing team at San Juan in setting up a distribution center for Roll-A-Cover’s world renown enclosures. “The Canadian Marketplace has never seen such a quality enclosure or unique design concept such as a Roll-A-Cover enclosures.” Their products have been applauded by our staff and all customers that come to us for a fiberglass pool because they realize that in Canada, the swimming season is minimized by the inclement snowy seasons, but with Roll-A-Cover, our projections of sales growth will surely be at levels that will allow us to be the leader in the Canadian marketplace”. “Working with the San Juan team has not only allowed our product development team to create products and custom features to our enclosures that will enhance the indoor/outdoor swimming seasons of the Canadian marketplace but allowed us to develop a global relationship with the leader in the fiberglass pool industry that will inevitable be long lasting for all”, say Michael P. Morris CEO/Roll-A-Cover, Intl.  


The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation & Roll A Cover Join Forces With Orange County Chopper

Mike Morris & Judith Duncan
Roll A Cover has donated their unique Roll A Trailer to the MDFF foundation to house the Orange County Chopper bike they will be raffling off to benefit the foundation. Click the link below to more and purchase tickets!!!

Roll A Cover Featured In The New Issue Of Qualified Remodeler


Roll A Cover is now being featured in the new issue of Qualified Remodeler.  We were selected as the most "Remodelers Choice" based off of the high number of inquiries they received regarding our product.  The article includes an interview with President & CEO Michael P Morris as well as an overview of our product line and the unique feature we offer our customer.  Click the link to the right to view the full length article

*** News Release ***
Roll-A-Cover, International welcomes Australian Distributor

From left to right:
President Michael Morris, Brad Writer,
Vice President
Dennis Martens

Click The Picture To Learn More About Brad

Brad Writer, from Sydney, Australia travels to Connecticut for a tour of Roll-A-Cover' facility and projects and brings back to Australia the same excitement that has engulfed the North American marketplace. "We haven't seen an enclosure product that has been so well built with so many benefits in our country, says Brad. "Our planned showroom and distribution plans will change the way our country enjoys the great outdoors".
"Brads background as an award winning builder and developer in Australia will be the link that we constantly search for with a new distribution channel", say Dennis martens, VP of Roll-A-Cover. "Between Brads excitement for our products and his commitment to his captive marketplace, his success'
may allow us to roll in a plant facility in Australia within a few years"


*** News Release ***
San Juan Fiberglass Pools and Roll A Cover International prepare for a grand entry into the Canadian Marketplace


*** News Release ***
K2 North America is welcomed into the Roll-A-Cover, International/ co-marketing network

Michael Francis, President of North American Operations for the world renown UK conservatory company know as K2 has been approved and initiated as a co-marketing organization with Roll-A-Cover, International and their Sunroom marketing network as a global affiliate and endorsed vendor. has developed a team of the finest enclosure manufacturers throughout the world as a joint marketing network to the end-user. Michael Francis’ organization, with their North American headquarters in Michigan has truly proved to the Sunroomsearth commission that their ability to provide the quality and professional service that our other co-marketers have been awarded, such as Joyce manufacturing in Ohio will be a tremendous benefit to all of their product listings”, Says Mr. Morris

*** News Release ***
Roll-A-Cover expands their distribution through their Indiana Distributor, San Juan Fiberglass Pools.

From Left To Right
Jim Erskine, Michael Morris, Mike Vokey

Kirk Sullivan, President of San Juan Fiberglass pools introduced to his Mid-West Regional Dealers during their Spring Convention San Juan’s expansion with Roll-A-Cover, International and their distribution through their Indiana Manufacturing Facility of all Roll-A-Cover products as a added benefit to the Mid-West retail markets. During the convention, while San Juan displayed their newest fiberglass pool and the installation processes as a training to their dealers, the Roll-A-Cover enclosure was as well demonstrated and with tremendous excitement by the Midwest region, as the products popularity is increasing dramatically, the San Juan dealers witnessed the added benefits that their pools with a Roll-A-Cover enclosure  would add to not only their customers extended seasons use but to their own business’ success’.


Roll A Cover Wins A Prestigious National Sunroom Association Design Award

Click the picture to see the award

A Miami architect was working on a redesign for a home, and he looked on the internet to find a different type of sunroom.  What he found was Roll-A-Cover.  "It's a telescopic concept," explains Michael Morris, President of Roll-A-Cover.  "Each section is smaller or larger than the other, and they overlap."

This different approach to a sunroom offers a new aesthetic to a homeowner.  "The sunroom is retractable," says Morris.  "In Europe there are concepts similar to this, but we took it to a new extreme.  This trackless system allows the owner to open up the sunroom, to truly enjoy the outdoors, but to close it up and continue use when the weather dictates."

The Design Awards are sponsored annually by the National Sunroom Association, comprised of manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in the sunroom industry.

Winner of the 2005 Orange County Chopper Charity Raffle Announced


Winners for the Orange County Chopper raffle were announced and the happy winners from England were overjoyed with their prize. Seen below are the winners posing for a photo opportunity as they receive their new Orange County Chopper.

Michael Morris & Paul Kennedy jointly honored to have the Claramount Inn added to their award portfolio

Above: President & CEO of Roll-A-Cover International, Michael P Morris and Kirk Sullivan President of San Juan Pools share the spotlight while displaying the 2005 silver award for special use pools (click the images above to see the award up close)

Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada awarded San Juan Pools the silver for a “Special-Use Pools” award at their December 2005 national convention. The Roll-A-Cover, International enclosure offered this project its unique and creative covering that has brought San Juan’s Fiberglass Pool to an award winning level.

Roll-A-Cover International DBA inducted into the National Sunroom Association
We are pleased to announce our recent induction into the National Sunroom Association.  The NSA is a collection of sunroom manufacturers around the country that are committed to providing their customers with the highest quality sunrooms that are environmentally friendly as well as energy efficient.  We at Roll-A-Cover feel honored to be in the company of such reputable and trustworthy businesses and are looking forward to working with the National Sunroom Association in the future to continually find ways to benefit our customers.  
Roll-A-Cover International DBA announces their co-partnership with Stained Glass Overlay of New Jersey
We at Roll-A-Cover our proud to announce our affiliation with Teresa Ross, owner of Stained Glass Overlay in New Jersey, the makers of custom stained glass.  Teresa's years of expertise and superior craftsmanship coupled with a vast knowledge of the sunroom / conservatory industry make Teresa a true leader in her field.  Teresa is one of many affiliates we have added recently as we continue to bring the best of the sunroom / conservatory industry under one umbrella to provide you with superior products customized to suit all your needs.  The addition of SGO to our corporate network increases the already staggering level of customization we provide to our customers bringing our phrase "We've got you covered!" to fruition.
Roll-A-Trailer by Roll-A-Cover, International makes it's debut at Orange County Choppers....

"Manufacturing the world’s most innovative motorcycle trailer was definitely a exciting venture on our part, but enjoying the Roll-a-trailers introduction into the industry with a OCC motorcycle being displayed for a charitable organization was a thrill of a ride”, say Dennis Martens, VP of Roll-A-Cover, Intl. Rick from OCC, Michael P. Morris and Dennis Martens are all joining in on this crusade for hope for the charities that need all of our help in winning their battles for the needy.


Senterkroa Restaurant in Norway chooses an American firm to design and expand their restaurant facility....

Congratulations! Marney and Kare Johansen, owners of Senterkroa Cafe & Restaurant, a 25 year tradition in Norway, have joined the family of Roll-A-Cover customers. Our dealer, Alf Viggo Schjolberg of Spamiljo Spa & Enclosure Company in Norway, was inspirational in the design and support that the Johansen's received for the expansion project of their restaurant in a Norway shopping mall. "The benefits are endless and the flexibility of a Roll-A-Cover enclosure will surely provide the Sentrekroa Restaurant the edge on their competitors," says Mr. Schjolberg. The project is expected to be completed by the winter of 2005.
Click here to see a drawing of the custom designed enclosure for the Sentrekroa Cafe & Restaurant and please visit their website at

New England company sets their eyes on the Mid-West...

Roll-A-Cover International of Connecticut and one of the oldest and top manufacturers of Pre-Engineered Patio Enclosures, Joyce Manufacturing of Cleveland, Ohio have committed to a world-wide joint expansion program. The principle parties, Michael P. Morris, CEO/President of Roll-A-Cover, and Russ Schmidt, President of Joyce Mfg. with Gary S. Winkler, Vice President of Joyce, after months of reviewing each parties' marketing and product portfolios, have committed to marketing each other's products and services. "The winners will be the dealer networks that each company has which will now be able to provide a wider variety of product offerings to the end users," say Russ Schmidt. "We believe that together each company's dealers will be stronger competitively in this growing home improvement marketplace," says Michael Morris. "It's a timing situation and Joyce is as committed as we are to providing the finest products and a strong dealer support program with a wide range of product offerings." Both companies have a proven track record nationally with their complete lines of enclosures and with an international 2006 expansion program being their future focus will be an inevitable success. The industry marketplace has competitively tried to match up to both companies' unique quality driven products. With the national home improvement statistic that with a kitchen remodeling project being number 1 on the return on investment list of home improvement services, patio and sunroom enclosures proved to be number 2. "Now, with the finest and most innovative vinyl sunroom product built by Joyce and the world recognized trackless retractable pool and sunroom enclosures manufactured by Roll-A-Cover, why invest anywhere else? It's all under one roof," says Gary Winkler. Visit Joyce Manufacturing's website at for more information.

Roll-An-Ride for charity...

Roll-A-Cover, International has been commissioned to design and build their first Roll-A-Trailer for the Orange County Chopper that was custom designed and built for the Bon Secours Community Hospital fundraiser. The chopper that the Teutul family custom built for this fundraiser will be housed in the most innovative trailer in today's market. The ability to view this magnificent motorcycle built by the OCC boys inside of a viewing trailer will be an experience in itself. Having this trailer open for access and hands on viewing without removing the motorcycle out of an enclosed trailer will be a viewing pleasure to all. Please click on the motorcycle above to purchase your raffle tickets and click here to see our Roll-A-Trailer in action. It's going to a great cause and it may be your time to ride away on your own freedom trail with your OCC Chopper.

Restaurateur open to new ideas...
(as seen in the Connecticut Post & written by Anthony Spinelli -


DERBY ~ Restaurateur Nick Basuljevis of downtown's Fratelli Restaurant has a novel solution for the state's anti-smoking laws, which have been blamed for driving smokers from bars and restaurants His answer is a 22-by-45-foot glass sunroom with a retractable roof. While many bars and restaurants have added patio decks to their premises, allowing people to smoke outside, Basuljevis appears to be the first in Connecticut to plan such an addition. Basuljevis said it will be a nice addition to his eatery, where the menu includes Italian seafood dishes. "We are trying to do more things for our customers," Basuljevis said. He plans to build the sunroom, expected to cost more than $100,000, on a vacant lot next to his establishment at 181 Main St. He bought the lot two years ago from the city.

Basuljevis is seeking site plan approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission. The P&Z will review his application at its Tuesday meeting. Basuljevis also needs a permit to serve liquor on a patio from the state Liquor Control Commission, where director Jack Suchy said he has not heard of anyone planning to build a sunroom with a retractable roof. "I've never heard of one," Suchy said, though he wasn't certain whether it would be the first such application in Connecticut. "We'll review it when we get it." As long as there's no permanent roof, an outdoor entertainment area can be considered a patio.

The sunroom will allow the restaurant to operate within the parameters of state law, said Richard Volo, Basuljevic's lawyer. "He'll comply with the existing laws. With the roof in the retracted state, it won't violate any existing laws. It will have the ability to adapt to and honor the existing law," Volo said. Basuljevis admits the plan is a gamble. "It was a big risk to make it with fine dining," he said, explaining that he built Fratelli Restaurant in a former antiques shop four years ago. The sunroom with retractable roof hopefully will attract smokers who have shied away from restaurants since the law took effect, he said. "We're trying to get it back," he said.

A Bethany company, Roll-a-Cover, is expected to build the sunroom. The company bills its product as "a great new solution to new smoking laws." Connecticut banned smoking in restaurants Oct. 1, 2003. The smoking ban for bars went into effect April 1, 2004. Even if one does not condone smoking, Basuljevic's plan shows a lot of faith in the Naugatuck Valley economics, said Bill Purcell, president of the Valley Chamber of Commerce. "It sounds like an exciting concept. What he's doing is a fine addition to the restaurant scene in the Valley," Purcell said.

Roll-A-Cover reaches for the stars...

Martell's Waters Edge located in Bayville, NJ overlooking the Barnegat Bay is a boaters' hot spot and eatery. They have recently expanded their existing outdoor cafe and dining area with their second Roll-A-Cover enclosure. The owners of Martell's once again chose Roll-A-Cover to design a connecting skylight for their two outdoor structures. Martell's extensive remake of an aged dock-side restaurant and pub has given boaters, vacationers, and locals a comfortable and innovatively covered dining space that other outdoor facilities can't provide when the weather turns for the worst.

"It's been a tremendous experience working with the staff at Roll-A-Cover," says Kevin, the manager at Martell's Waters Edge. "It's been a long process finding a company that can provide unique designs and manufacturing ideas with products that set us apart from our competitors. We will be working with Roll-A-Cover on several other projects for years to come. On schedule and completed in one day, Roll-A-Cover has our confidence!"

Retractable or permanent: Roll-A-Cover has you covered...

Roll-A-Cover, an international company located in Bethany, Connecticut, has just introduced its newest enclosure model. Roll-A-Cover, because of high demand, has developed their version of a permanent enclosure for the self-standing and sunroom industry markets. "It was a simple feat," says Michael Morris, President of Roll-A-Cover. "With the success of our innovative retractable enclosures, creating a permanent enclosure was a simple task. This exclusive product gives our customers more flexible options for their projects. Perm-A-Cover will be the newest addition to our successful line of enclosures. With its narrow designed framing system, it gives customers in selected regions an opportunity to purchase enclosures at reduced square footage pricing without jeopardizing its strength and durability."

Dave Pate, Vice President of Manufacturing, is eager for the Perm-A-Cover design to be available for ordering soon, with a late summer or early fall delivery.

Canada opens its doors to Roll-A-Cover

Roll-A-Cover, International has expanded in North America. Recognized as the leader in the enclosure industry, Roll-A-Cover has established a strong dealer network in the Canadian marketplace. "Entering the Canadian market was a two year challenge," says Michael Morris, President/CEO of Roll-A-Cover. "But with hard work, you get rewards. We have been rewarded with the addition of Canada as an ideal market. As our enclosures roll past the borders of Canada, the future growth of the pool industry as well as the flexibility of our retractable sunrooms, commercially or residentially, will change the way the Canadian market enjoys their free time."

Colonnades Hotel in Alabama awards Roll-A-Cover an enclosure contract

A multi-million dollar hotel complex located on the shores of Alabama has awarded Roll-A-Cover with the contract to custom design/build and install one of the largest retractable pool enclosures on this side of the Mississippi. The Colonnades Hotel, a luxury resort located directly beachside to the Gulf, will be showcasing their third-story inground pool with a Roll-A-Cover encasing it. This 35' by 60' retractable enclosure designed and built by Roll-A-Cover, a Connecticut company, will be the keystone to this project's luxury theme. "It was an honor," states Michael Lightfoot, Vice President of Development at Roll-A-Cover. "We were reviewed and chosen by a board of design and structural engineers as the most capable company to erect such a colossal system." The enclosure is set to be installed in the winter of 2006.

San Juan Pools of Florida brings Roll-A-Cover to Canada

One of the key elements of success for San Juan Pools of Florida is not to rest on their laurels. Owning a great market share of the fiberglass pool industry in the States and abroad,
Paul Kennedy still looks to add quality products to the company. Having developed the largest dealer network for fiberglass pools in Canada, Mr. Kennedy, along with his partner and wife, Leanne, are confident that Roll-A-Cover enclosures are a perfect fit for their past, present, and future customers.

"I wouldn't even consider a product that wasn't as respected as ours," says Mr. Kennedy. "As I always believed when I committed my efforts to San Juan Pools: why represent an underdog when the best are staring me right in the face?"

Roll-A-Cover has won over the entire corporate staff at San Juan including their President, Kirk Sullivan. Kirk is as excited about the Roll-A-Cover and San Juan partnership in Canada and throughout the United States. He is extremely pleased with the prospect of broadening a new horizon for the pool industry.

It's the Golden Roll Award time at Roll-A-Cover and the winners are....

The Golden Roll Award, which has become a part of Roll-A-Cover's corporate signature, has presented the 2004 award to a commercial and residential application for the first time. In past years, residential units gained the most notoriety. In 2004 however, the amount of commercial applications being installed by Roll-A-Cover Corporate and their world wide dealers increased greatly. The requests from the commercial application clientele for their enclosures to be candidates for the Before & After contest has allowed for this new venue. The Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan, NY and a lakeside project located in Washington, installed by Faber Brothers Construction, have earned the most votes and become the 2004 winners.

Click the medals on either side to read about our winners....

Liberty Precision Industries brings Roll-A-Cover to the automobile industry

Liberty Precision Industries of NY has awarded Roll-A-Cover, a Connecticut-based manufacturing company, with the contract to design and build custom, retractable casements which will be placed around Liberty's industrial equipment. Liberty, manufacturers of CNC machinery for the automotive industry, has chosen Roll-A-Cover as one of their suppliers for all of the equipment that they manufacture. "The sizes of the machinery that Liberty designs and builds is often the size of a swimming pool. Roll-A-Cover's concept of a retractable enclosure offers ease of accesibility when the equipment needs to be operated or serviced and also offers a clean image when the equipment is in operation. Having 100% visibility when the casement is closed gives the operators a safe and visual advantage over the normal steel casements that the industry is so used to," says Kerry Taylor, designer and VP of Engineering for Roll-A-Cover.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition adds Roll-A-Cover to one of their future projects

ABC's award-winning series, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, has included a Roll-A-Cover enclosure in their plans for an upcoming episode. J. Michael Lightfoot, VP of Sales, is excited and says, "Being asked to participate in one of television's most watched series, and having our product recognized as a leader in the industry, is an honor for Roll-A-Cover." Lightfoot adds, "As part of the process, we will be asked to expedite an enclosure and have it shipped and installed in less than three weeks somewhere in the country, which is quite the challenge. Roll-A-Cover is up for the task. Our team is willing to put in the extra effort for such a wonderful and charitable event."
With a new season coming up, Roll-A-Cover is not allowed to disclose the date nor the location until after the show is filmed. You'll just have to stay tuned to ABC and to Roll-A-Cover for the details.

Keller Products of New Hampshire chooses to bring Roll-A-Cover products to their New England states

Scott Keller of Keller Products has asked Roll-A-Cover to partner with their 85-year old company in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. Keller Products and their subsidiaries are leaders in their fields.
Keller's Solar Components, Inc. was excited to offer Roll-A-Cover products with their product line. They recognized the unique concept of the retractable enclosures and were excited to be representatives of Roll-A-Cover products. "We are extremely pleased to join forces with Keller Products. They have been one of the most respected enclosure companies in the industry. Working with their team and with Scott Keller himself will be an honor," says Dennis Martens, VP of Roll-A-Cover. "We are thrilled to partner with such a well-run organization and look forward to creating applications that both companies can market."

Roll-A-Cover receives a contract to cover Manhattan's finest new hotel

The Gansevoort Hotel, nestled in the heart of Manhattan's Meat-Packing district, an ever growing eclectic neighborhood, has chosen Roll-A-Cover to enclose their rooftop. "As the hotel construction comes to a completion we were forced to make a decision on our rooftop location. We needed a product that had structural integrity and was able to withhold snow and wind loads. We chose the creative products from Roll-A-Cover. The versatility of being able to open the enclosure during warm days or close the enclosure on windy, rainy, or cold days. Not to mention the benefits of the enclosure during the winter with snow. We chose Roll-A-Cover, not only for their innovative product but for their talented and dedicated staff
," says Michael Achenbaum, owner.

"Once HK Hotels committed to us to build their rooftop enclosure, our design and manufacturing teams rolled up their sleeves and went to work. As each one of our enclosures are custom manufactured, the Hotel Gansevoort had some unique issues. They wanted a unit that was twice as high as our stock products, custom colored powder coating, and they wanted it all in less than six weeks. As we were honored to provide this enclosure, we had our work cut out for us. We made it under deadline. The old adage of New York, 'if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere," rang true. Since installing this unit, we've been inundated by other New York businesses and those abroad who now want enclosures from us," says Glenn Stuart, VP of Sales & Marketing.

San Juan Fiberglass Pools joins in on the fun

The largest fiberglass pool dealership in North America has requested Roll-A-Cover to partner with them and create a marketing program that will allow San Juan pool owners to be introduced to Roll-A-Cover products. "It's a perfect marriage," says Kirk Sullivan, President & Owner of San Juan Pools. "It will take some time to acclimate our dealers into being creative and offer their past and future customers this unique enclosure. We are confident that this is going to be a great relationship." Sullivan went on to say, "
where else could a potential pool owner get two great products, represented by a qualified dealer under one roof? We are extremely excited to say the least."

It's a perfect swim in West Springfield

Roll-A-Cover receives a contract to install a custom swimming pool enclosure covering at the Quality Inn in West Springfield, MA. After being compared to permanent structures or new construction, Roll-A-Cover was chosen to be the most cost effective choice. Roll-A-Cover proves that not only is it substantially less than other options, but it gives this Quality Inn a flexible and structurally sound enclosure for their guests to enjoy.

Choice Hotels International has added Roll-A-Cover to their list of endorsed vendors

Choice Hotels, the world's second largest hotel chain, which includes hotels such as Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, and many others that have a strong industry presence, has chosen Roll-A-Cover as their preferred vendor for their franchisees. As the competitive hotel market becomes more and more aggressive, offering amenities to their guests is becoming more valuable. Having outdoor swimming pools with no protective covering during inclement weather puts any hotel at a disadvantage from others that have indoor pools. Choice realizes that Roll-A-Cover products will offer their hotels the flexibility of indoor and outdoor. They are confidant that this commitment will help families that are looking forward to a leisurely stay away from home, in choosing Choice Hotels. For most enclosures, there is a considerable amount of construction work that needs to be done whereas a Roll-A-Cover enclosure requires minimal footing requirements, because it's trackless. "As a telescopic concept with all of the benefits of a permanent enclosure provides Choice Hotels a tremendous option with the least amount of cost and down time," Dave Pate, Vice President of Manufacturing, proclaims.

Pool & Spa Magazine votes Roll-A-Cover one of the 50 best new products of the year

Pool & Spa Magazine, a strong industry leader as the informational guide to the Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Industry, has recognized Roll-A-Cover as one of it's best new products of the year. "It's only the beginning for Roll-A-Cover," says Dennis Martens, Vice President, "We have raised many eyebrows in the pool industry and the consumer is becoming the winner, by purchasing a unique conceptual product that is quality manufactured."

Sunrise Group "Rolls" out a 2003 expansion program

After over two decades of being a leader in the Sunroom industry with projects throughout New England, Michael P. Morris founded Roll-A-Cover. As President of the company, Mr. Morris has developed a product line of enclosures that will spark the enclosure industry and created a way of covering outdoor environments. In the rural setting of a quaint Connecticut town called Bethany, Morris has designed, developed and manufactured a product line which will be distributed world wide. He states,
"I'm not looking to join a Sunroom Industry cloned product campaign, I am looking to be unique, by offering an item that is new and innovative. Roll-A-Cover will be a leader in the industry and carve out a new path for generations to come."