2 Time Award Winner
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Showcased in the 2006 Aqua Design Awards


Michael P. Morris & Billy Atienza (Architect)

A classic conversion concept by taking a old conventional sunroom product of yester year and transform them into the world's most sought after trackless retractable enclosure products, only from Roll-A-Cover, Intl. Image having such a luxuries homestead hovering over the shores of Long Island within a bountiful of highly respected homes and being locked inside without any room fro freedom when swimming. Well, this renown architect out of Miami found the solution. After years of research Roll-A-Cover simply fell into their laps with the ultimate break through. Its a design dream come true and now this multi-million dollar spread enjoys the comforts of being associated with the outdoor feeling when swimming by simply rolling their lean-too system open when it just feels like the thing to do. Fixed enclosures or retractable, now you choose....

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