I hope that this phase of your project flows as smoothly as all of our other projects. Whether installed by our dealers, factory support staff, or by your family, it's always key to pay attention to the details. Through over 24 years in the sunroom/slope glazing and construction industry, I've learned that when a detail is overlooked, everyone suffers. At Roll-A-Cover, we strive for a solid level of communication with you, our customer, we are not satisfied until you are. Through our data systems or via phone, we are there to assist you. Your excitement in the purchase of a Roll-A-Cover enclosure should be as smooth as sipping an iced tea during a heat wave. Below are two classifications of enclosures. Under each icon is a plan that we assembled that will prove to be our bible to your project during our initial communication and throughout the design, manufacturing, and installing process. It is a short blueprint of your site and its conditions. When we are not available to assist with the planning of your enclosure, these charts will take our place. Please fill them out in entirety and include a picture of your project site location so we can have a stronger sense of your site conditions and dimensions. We are also always available to assist in the understanding of this plan anytime. As mentioned, we ship worldwide and if we are not conveniently located in your area then this option will work just as well.

Thank you for your interest in our products and we are definitely looking forward to being a part of your planning process.


Michael P. Morris


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