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Roll-A-Cover's manufacturing facility is located in the rural town of Bethany, Connecticut. The local legend is that there are more horses than people here. It consists of rolling hills, farm lands and ponds that make it quite beautiful. Within this beautiful land is a common thoroughfare, Route 63, also known as Amity Road. Essentially, our headquarters is minutes away from Yale University (going south) and we are directly between New York City and Boston. 200 yards behind our sales headquarters, a quick turn onto Sargent Drive, lies our manufacturing facility. This facility allows for manufacturing, warehousing, and R & D support.

It may seem modest to keep such a world renowned corporation located in such a rural setting, but we simply love the area! But of course, as Roll-A-Cover's network grows further and further across the states and into Europe and Canada, we have plans for expansion.

My name is Michael P. Morris. I am the founder, chairman, and CEO of Roll-A-Cover International. Being a privately held company, we are committed to your satisfaction and our success depends on it. I am well-known in the glass and glazing industry and have been for two decades now. I also own several Hot Tub Retail stores that have grown in Connecticut throughout the years, so I also am experienced with the products that our enclosures are made to suit.

What I have learned in my vast career in the home improvement industry is that my customers always respected my diligent focus on the total enjoyment of their property. What can I say? I love property and love being creative with it. My customers needs always got me excited and I learned to treat every project as if I were working on my own home, and my customers loved the potential I brought out in my work. With this ethic as my torch, I finally focused my creative energy, and discovered the perfect product for pool and hot tub owners, retractable enclosures. In all my years, I have not come across a product that better provides homeowners with a better quality of life and greater flexibility with their property. Our Retractable Enclosures simply allow customers to enjoy their property longer by enabling them to protect their hot tubs, pools, etc.. from mother nature, whenever necessary. This website illustrates the homeowner benefits of our product and I encourage to tour the anthology of projects we have completed and observe the many homeowners that we have thoroughly impressed.

Lo and behold, we at Roll-A-Cover found that not only the residential market, but the commercial market as well, has identified the benefits of expanding their guests' comfort with the unique flexibility of our telescopic enclosures. My visions of helping the homeowner have also opened the horizon to also create products that are perfect for restaurants, hotels, golf courses, conference centers, and more; products that have made these businesses more money and have made them more aesthetically innovative. 

I've surrounded myself with a local staff of highly trained, experienced individuals who all play major roles in Roll-A-Cover's success. Most of my executive staff have been with me for a very long time and they have proved to me time and time again, as well as to my many customers over the years, to possess the integrity, honesty, and ability, to thoroughly satisfy a customer's wants and needs when it comes to improving the value and usage of their property. They are all as committed to the success and growth of Roll-A-Cover as I, and I would like to honor them by introducing them to you. Click on the link for the corporate staff so you can see the sort of experts that you will be working with.

I've worked very hard to bring you the finest and most structurally engineered product and I am extremely excited with all the possibilities of Roll-A-Cover International, LLC expanding further throughout the world. Indeed, upon simple sight of our product online, people have placed orders from all around the globe. Thank you for your interest in our product, spending some time with me, and for navigating your way through our website. If you've made it this far, then I know you see an exciting product. I am confident that you will become more and more impressed the more you browse, and that you will see that we are the best company available to you, our customer. 

Michael P. Morris